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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The internal combustion engine has helped us to travel further and quicker and it gave us the ability to work and live wherever we desire. However now it is the time to step back and to give his position to a cleaner and to a more efficient engine. The electrical compare to the thermal engine emits almost 54% less carbon dioxide. This is the main reason that the great majority of the developed countries have already announced plans to limit his production.




Our main purpose, in cooperation with EVBOX, is to support the transition to the era of zero-emissions driving. We provide reliable electrical charging solutions thereby helping to meet the needs of electric car users and public authorities.

An agreement for the future

EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electrical vehicle charging stations and charging management software. Its mission is to help built a future where everyday transport is self-sustained and emission free by bringing smart and scalable charging solutions to electric vehicles around the world.
In 2010, EVBox made its breakthrough when the market for electric vehicles was still in infancy. Techies at heart, our founders saw importance of having a connected charging infrastructure at an early stage. EVbox soon became the sole supplier of public charging infrastructure in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Monaco. Meanwhile, EVbox played an active role in creating and innovating smart charging technologies and roaming of charging infrastructure with industry partners. 
In 2014 Gilde Equity Management Benelux became EVBox’s new major shareholder to help EVBox expand internationally. Key reasons for Gilde’s entrance were EVBox’s strong market position in the Dutch industry, its customer base and range of expertise, as well as the growth of electric vehicle sales around the world.
In 2017, EVBox was acquired by energy utility and global service provider ENGIE, who indentified EVBox as a disruptive, leading cleantech company making a difference in the fast growing industry of electric mobility. Today, with projects running across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia EVBox moves forward by perfecting its original recipe with a second generation of hardware and software that energy efficient, future proof and easy to use 

What we offer

We offer electric vehicle charging solutions with uncompromising quality and reliability. Our charging solutions maximize the return on investment while minimizing costs. From the installation and online integration of every station, to the tracking and billing of all charging sessions. We help everyone operate and manage their charging stations with ease and efficiency. 


Home Charging Solution

The Elvi charging station is a 2nd generation charger and provides eight times (8x) quicker charging at home. Via internet connection it assures the user that he can access to any available feature remotely.
Furthermore its installation is a pretty easy procedure, since the Elvi station is consisted only by two deferent parts: the wall mounted base and the charging station.


Its main features are:
• From 3.7 kW to 22 kW
• Connector options: Fixed cable or socket
• Socket types : Type 1 (SAE J1772), Type 2 (EN/IEC 62196-2
• WLAN  communication: Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g, IEEE 802.11 d/e/i/h) / Bluetooth 4.0
• Cable length:4 or 8m
• Dimensions: 186x328x161 mm/ 186x328x219mm
• Weight: 6 to 11 kg
• Mounting: Wall or pole


business charging solution

BusinessLine charger is an ideal choice for a public charging station. Providing software makes easier its operation and financial control since it can calculate the charging cost for each user separately. Furthermore BusinessLine charging station can combined with other “smart grid technologies” and assures an energy effective charging process.

Its main features are:
• From 3.7, 7.4, 11 or 22 kW
• Socket types: Type 2 
• Cable length:6 or 8m
• Dimensions: 255x600x205 mm ή 255x600x410 mm
• Weight: 11 kg (max)
• Charges two cars simultaneously
• Available with fixed charging cables or  with Schuko charging plugs
• Durable, low maintenance
• Remote monitoring and settlement of charging costs
• Distributes power efficiently with Load Balancing
• Integrated with multiple software providers for customer flexibility


public charging solution

PublicLine charging station is compatible with all grid networks. It contains two charging sockets so that two deferent users can charge their vehicles simultaneously. It provides the ability to adjust the charging rate and to distribute the available power to the charging stations with the most effective way.


Its main features are:
• From 11 kW ,22 kW
• Socket types : Type 2 (EN/IEC 62196-2)
• Dimensions: 350x1250x255 mm 
• Weight: 30 kg
• Compatible with all grid networks
• Charges two cars simultaneously
• Durable, low maintenance
• Remote monitoring and settlement of charging costs
• Distributes power efficiently with Load Balancing
• Integrated with multiple software providers for customer flexibility


Troniq 50
fast charging solution

Dc charger is equipped with a 50 kw socket and it can charge an electrical vehicle in just 30 minutes. Its high quality electrical parts provide great durability and smart power function assures that the available power will be distributed with the most effective way.


Its main features are:
• Charging capacity 50 kW
• Charge modes Mode 4 (DC charging - ChaDeMo and CCS 2) Mode 3 (AC charging - type 2) (optional), Mode 2 (Type E/F) (optional)
• Number of fixed cables: 1 to 3
• Socket types: Type E/F, AC type 2
• Dimensions: 820x1920x450/920x1920x450 mm 
• Weight: 395 kg (with battery pack) or 350 kg (without battery pack)
• Durable, low maintenance
• Remote monitoring and settlement of charging costs




EVERON is a global Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS) Charging Management Solution that enables business and municipalities to facilitate the experience of electric vehicle charging. 

EVERON platform is directed at all the different EV market stakeholders:
• Home Charging.  Drivers who need to charge at home
• Fleet  Management.  Businesses who need charging solutions for employees and corporate drivers
• Commercial Charging. Businesses who want to offer charging services to customers
• Access Public Charging Station. Drivers who want to charge in public areas in different cities and countries.
• Mobility Service Provider. Businesses who want to offer charging services to EV drivers
• Charging Point Operator. Businesses who want to offer charging services to location owners


EVERON Features


Match your electric vehicle to the most suitable EVBOX charger at the following link.


Representative completed instalaltions


Novatech Engineering has succesfully installed electric vehicle chargers in publicly accesible parking stations, as also in residential premises. Some of  the related works include the following.

COCO-MAT central merchant store

Palaia Tatoiou 165, Kifisia 14564


Papagou-Holargos City Hall

Perikleous Avenue 55, Holargos 15561


Parking Syntagmatos

Filellinon 12, Navarhou Nikodimou 4-6, Syntagma 10557


Educational Foundation, Psychiko


Educational Foundation, Kantza


Industrial facilities, Keratsini, Piraeus


Electromechanical equipment manufacturer facilities, Koropi


Lighting equipmnet manufacturer facilities, Aharnai


ACS Courier store, Volos

Iasonos 1 and Borel 16, 38333


 Elvi residential installation


Elvi residential installation